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My name is Kelsey, I am 21 years old and this blog is dedicated to the promotion of positive body image and health! I love the way I am and I just want every person on this planet to be able to look in the mirror and LOVE what they see. Because we are all beautiful human beings no matter what our shape, size, race, or gender. I just want to inspire people to be good to their bodies and love themselves no matter what. Here I will document my journey towards inner peace and health!

Starting weight: 205lbs

Low weight: 165lbs

Current weight: 191lbs(2/17/14)

Current Goal Weight: 180lbs

Ultimate Goal Weight: HEALTHY

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 Lovely People Lurking

January 9th

So along my tumbling tonight I came across a 2011 photoshoot of Crystal Renn and Kate Dillon for Marina Rinaldi.

Now, I love Kate Dillon— she is totally gorgeous and a good model.

But just look through all 8 of these pictures… and examine both Crystal and Kate. Do you see any difference?

Though Kate looks pretty and has some variations in each pose/face for each outfit… it is fairly similar in every image.

Then you look at Crystal— and every single picture has a different pose, different emotion and facial expression! A completely different variety of looks for every outfit!

This shoot kind of just shocked me— and made me realize HOW GOOD of a model Crystal Renn is.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are many great models out there who have similar variety— but Crystal just takes the cake. Its so interesting to watch her model on camera too— watching her move so fluidly and gently from one pose to another.

She just amazes me. No words. NO WORDS. 

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